315 Delmar

315 Delmar is a one-of-a-kind home that was designed and developed by the team at Gnome Architects. The project served as an incubator for new ideas around the concept of urban living in a post-pandemic environment, where individuals are looking for more space and amenities without leaving the urban communities they have come to enjoy. Through the use of thresholds and frames the home unfolds through a series of transitional spaces, framing views and connecting spaces both inside the home and out. The boxy and rectilinear exterior gives way to a more organic and freer flowing interior. Arches and curves, paired with pops of color, define the spaces and create a unique and playful feel throughout the home. Photography by Daniel Isayeff

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315 Delmar

Location: Philadelphia
Year: 2024
Client: Self Developed
Featured Single Family
Status: Complete
Size: 4000 GSF