17 West

Occupying a very narrow lot in Fishtown, the design for 17 West had to go vertical. The city’s zoning code allowed for more building height along the commercial corridor which allowed for the units to expand vertically through the use of mezzanines. While only being considered a three-story structure by the building code, the 55’ tall volume connects 6 levels of living space. This created very tall ceilings in each unit, presenting a unique opportunity to express the vertical nature of the building through the design of the façade. Curved windows create a playful light-filled interior which allow sunlight to penetrate deep into the building to the lofted bedroom spaces. The red brick façade highlights the curved windows and connects the building back to the neighborhood. Photography by Daniel Isayeff

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17 West

Location: Fishtown, Philadelphia
Year: 2024
Client: Private Developer
Featured Multi-Family Mixed Use
Status: Complete
Size: 6000