The Fairman

Located across from Penn Treaty Park in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia, The Fairman was designed to maximize views of the open green space and the Delaware River beyond. Located along a busy 4 lane street, the pedestrian experience was studied in depth before space planning began. Based on the traffic patterns and speed, building entrances along with drop off and pick up zones were located on the back side of the building along the more residential scaled street. As to not overwhelm the smaller street, a public plaza was incorporated with seating and landscaping to greet tenants and visitors. The plaza, designed by Nic Patric Landscapes, also serves the café located on the ground floor of the building, which opens to the plaza for outdoor seating. The building is composed of 64 residential units with an amenity space and deck located on the 7th floor.

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The Fairman

Location: Philadelphia
Year: 2024
Client: Private Developer
Featured Multi-Family Mixed Use
Status: Permitting
Size: 50,000 GSF