A former 1860's schoolhouse, located in Newtown Pennsylvania, had undergone a number of renovations as it was converted into a private residence. After a series of mid-century additions, it was purchased by a family who wanted to expand the home's footprint and unify its design, while maintaining the character and materials of the original structure. The new addition connects to the original stone structure by way of a glass volume, with an interior bridge at the second level. This 'hyphen' signifies the passage of time and space, as occupants enter the new addition and experience the original stone walls set within a new contemporary framework. A large gable roof extends out from the addition to cover a series of outdoor terraces and living spaces, uniting the home with the surrounding landscape.

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Location: Newtown, Township
Year: 2021
Client: Home Owner
Interior Design Single Family Renovation
Status: Completed
Size: 6000gsf